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Xtrade is a multi-asset broker which has its headquarters in Belize, as well as a second office in South Africa. Founded in 2003, Xtrade is a rare broker that does not offer the MT4 or MT5 trading platforms, nor cTrader; instead, the broker solely relies on its proprietary Xtrade WebTrader. The broker also fails to […]

Trader finance Wikipedia

Trading is typically short-term and tends to involve more active management of the portfolio. Investing, on the other hand, involves buying and holding securities for the long-term. The goal of investing is typically capital appreciation and income generation over the long-term. Market sentiment can be attributed to factors such as economic and financial data, geopolitical […]

Inside Bar Forex Trading Strategy: Start To Finish Guide

On the above chart, that’s the takeaway, that each inside bar that printed was then followed by a breakout that continued for at least one bar after. That is with the exception of the final bar, of course, which showed a reversal. The inside bar printed and the low was immediately broken as a bearish […]

Goals For Novice Traders

Therefore, the goal here is to create a complete plan before making another trade. This Section / Page contains links to the 3rd party websites of our top partners from whom we may receive https://bigbostrade.com/ compensation. Part of being prepared, knowledgeable, and strategic as a trader involves knowing when not to trade, when to sit […]

What is Quantitative Trading and How Do I Learn It?

The chart above shows that over the years quantitative strategy hedge funds have managed to catch up with their regular peers. After matching the returns of regular hedge funds in 2016 quant funds started outperforming them in 2017, and the trend seems to have continued. Quant strategy performances can be dire in times of crisis […]